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Trooper #81176


Legion ID: 81176
Name: Scott J Hughes
Legion Member Since: January 17, 2016
Pacific Outpost Since: December, 2016
Membership Status: Active
Legion Profile: Click here!
Current unit: Southern Cross Garrison
Pacific Outpost relation:Transferred out December 2019
Total Troops: 23


Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew
Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)
Officer: Warrant Officer
Royal Guard: ROTJ
TIE Pilot: Original Trilogy
TIE Pilot: Reserve Pilot

Tour of Duty:



Feb 2018Cub Scout Pack 388 Blue & Gold
Feb 2018Cub Scout Pack 176 Blue & Gold
Dec 2017Mililani Holiday Lights 2017 #5

** indicates attended as handler

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