Where can I get this stuff?

You might have a burning question you’re dying to ask, especially if you’ve been searching for an easy way to get your own white armor on the internet: “Why all the secrecy? Why can’t I find a list of people selling accurate Stormtrooper kits, and where can I go to get one?”

The short answer is: If we could post that information for the public, we would, but sadly we can’t…

The 501st Legion has a complex, unofficial relationship with Lucasfilm, Ltd (or “LFL”). While LFL very much appreciates what we do to promote their brand, technically, the people who vacu-form and sell armor pieces are infringing on Disney/LFL copyright. Copyright law requires a person to defend their intellectual property, or they could lose the exclusive rights to it. So if the armorers of the Legion were to publicly advertise their services, then LFL would be required to serve them with a cease-and-desist notice and (if they did not stop making and selling armor) would then have to take them to court to defend ownership of the copyrighted characters. No one wants that to happen. So Disney and LFL quietly looks the other way while we do our thing, but in order to give them “plausible deniability,” we can’t go out and sell armor to just anyone on the street.

This can make things tough on someone new who wants to get armor and join up. We can’t post links on a public forum, and we can’t just set up an internet shop without risking our legal necks, no matter how much we would like to. Members of the Legion can only make armor for members of the Legion.

The good news is that once you’re a member of the Legion, you will get access to our private forums, where information is passed around and shared a whole lot more freely. Yes, this is something of a Catch-22, where the people who most need the information have the least access to it, and the people who don’t necessarily need the information any longer have more than they could ever want. Unfortunately, that is just the way things are.

But, there is a workaround…