All Pacific Outpost officers and active troopers can be found below. Click on a picture for more information about a trooper.


Commanding Officer: Jim Powell (37042)
Executive Officer: Guillermo R Rivero (5897)
Garrison Membership Liason: Stephen M Dossey (61337)
Garrison Web Liason: Jeroen Joosten (80866)
Garrison Public Relations Officer: Francis Moreira (88001)
Garrison Public Relations Officer: Jeroen Joosten (80866)
Garrison Event Coordinator: Jay F Acierto (47738)
Garrison Event Coordinator: Glenn Kemmerer (81969)
Garrison Webmaster: Jeroen Joosten (80866)
Garrison Charity Representative: Jeroen Joosten (80866)
Garrison Merchandising
& Branding Officer: Jay F Acierto (47738)
Garrison Merchandising
& Branding Officer: Francis Moreira (88001)

Members (43 members):